Money Talks: How to Talk About Finances with Your Partner this Valentine’s Day

Disagreements about money are a common issue between couples, and they often lead to arguments. A survey by GOBankingRates found that over 19% of Americans 18 and older argue with their significant other over finances, and it can be difficult to find a resolution that pleases both parties. Jake Hill, CEO of DebtHammer, says that arguments usually stem from differing expectations or views on what’s important and necessary to spend money on.[0]

Andy Kalmon, CEO of the personal finance site Benny, says that money conflicts are often caused by differences in spending habits, values around money, and expectations related to financial support or contributions.[0] Couples should strive to construct a plan that meets both of their shared objectives while still allowing for individual needs and preferences to be taken into consideration. Furthermore, it is important for them to openly and honestly talk about their different views on money to create trust and avoid further disagreement.

Couples belonging to Generation Z and the Millennial generation may be more likely to experience disagreements regarding finances than older couples. Couples from the Millennial generation may have more conversations about money than couples from the Baby Boomer generation. But, even if you feel uncomfortable talking about money with your partner, it’s important to discuss finances in order to build trust and create a plan that works for both of you. Here are some tips from experts on how couples can tackle money conflicts: identify any differences in opinions, create a budget, set joint financial goals, and consider individual insurance coverage to protect yourselves and your loved ones.

Valentine’s Day might be the perfect opportunity to start talking to your partner about money. It may not be the most romantic conversation, but it can help you bond over shared financial aspirations and work toward common goals.[1]

There are also some financial red flags to look out for in your partner, such as hiding debt or not being honest about their assets.[2] This ties into what money experts call “financial infidelity,” and it’s important to be aware of these red flags in order to prevent future issues.[3]

Ultimately, communication is key when it comes to managing finances as a couple. Talking about money can be daunting, but it’s necessary to prevent future arguments and build trust. So, this Valentine’s Day, take the time to talk with your partner about money, and you may find that it brings you closer together.

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