Opening a Joint Account: Questions to Ask & Retirement Goals to Discuss

Making the decision to open a joint account with your partner is a personal choice.[0] If you don’t, there are other ways to give each other money for joint expenses, but it will take extra steps.[1] But if you’re ready, it’s essential to be on the same page and research accounts that can be co-owned. You’ll need documents and identification for both of you, and it’s a good idea to ask your future spouse some financial questions, such as if they have any debt, how much debt they have, what their financial goals and dreams are, what their financial priorities are, and what their retirement goals are.[2] Having these conversations can improve your relationship and help you make smart money moves together.[3] Married couples may opt to share a credit card, or they may choose to combine their finances into joint accounts.[0] If you do choose to open a joint account, it’s important to have honest conversations about the arrangement.[0] Lastly, make sure to talk about your retirement goals together and make a plan to ensure you’re both on the same page.[4]

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