The Ultimate Guide to Noble Gold Fees: How to Make the Most of Your Precious Metals Investment

Overview of Noble Gold Fees

Noble Gold makes it easy to purchase physical gold and other precious metals. When it comes to Noble Gold fees, it’s important to understand the fees that you may be charged. This article will discuss the various fees associated with Noble Gold, what the fees cover, and how they compare to other companies.

Knowing the various fees associated with a gold purchase can help you make an informed decision:

  • Storage fees
  • Buying and selling fees
  • Delivery fees
  • Account setup fees

Account Setup Fee

At Noble Gold, we are committed to helping you on your path towards sound financial security with one of the most secure investments: precious metals. In order to provide our clients with the highest levels of service and convenience, there is a one-time setup fee associated with each account when establishing a new Noble Gold account.

The account setup fee covers the cost of setting up, verifying, processing and managing your account information. It also covers the cost of shipping and handling related materials such as your welcome package or information about your new account. The fee schedule at Noble Gold is divided into two categories: Individual Accounts and Joint Accounts.

  • Individual Account Setup Fee: $165 (This includes one physical delivery)
  • Joint Account Setup Fee: $245 (This includes one physical delivery for each owner)
  • Additional Physical Delivery Fee (after first): $80
  • Account upgrades/modifications/changes: $55
  • Additional storage locations to original allocated location—Even if owned by same individual/company: $550 / Year per additional location

With access to dedicated customer service, hassle-free online sign-up process and affordable fees that suit almost any budget, Noble Gold makes it easy to enjoy peace of mind knowing that you have securely invested in a product whose value rarely decreases over time.

Storage Fees

Noble Gold offers secure storage for precious metals in a storage facility located in Texas. The company charges based on the total value stored and has three different options: Standard, Maximum and Eliminated.

  • Standard Storage Fees
    • The standard storage fee is 0.20% per year, billed monthly. This option is good for customers who want to keep their metals on hand but do not intend to access them frequently or currently have less than $50,000 worth of metals stored with Noble Gold.
  • Maximum Storage Fees
    • The maximum storage fee is 0.10% per year, billed quarterly. This option is best suited for customers who plan to take physical delivery of the metals more often or have more than $50,000 worth of precious metals stored with Noble Gold at any given time. It also provides customers with access to secured deposit boxes in some locations that are cost effective on a case-by-case basis.
  • Eliminated Storage Fees
    • The eliminated storage fee is available for those customers who make regular purchases of more than $100,000 or retain at least 50% liquidity in their account with Noble Gold over an extended period of time (defined as 12 consecutive months). Customers meeting this criteria will be eligible to no longer pay any annual storage fees related to their holdings at Noble Gold’s Texas facility while maintaining all other services they currently receive from the company free of charge still apply and are subject to future change or termination by Noble Gold at its discretion.

Buy/Sell Fees

Noble Gold charges Buy/Sell fees on all precious metals purchases and sales. The fee amount is dependent on the type of gold or silver purchased. Gold coins range from 0.8% – 1.5%, while standardized gold bars have a 1% fee rate. Silver coins also have a 0.8% fee whereas silver bars have 1%. Additionally, Noble Gold may be subject to additional costs from vendors and storage partners, which can impact the total cost of purchasing or selling precious metals.

It is important to educate yourself about buy/sell fees prior to investing in any form of gold or silver, as understanding the associated costs is an essential part of wise and informed investing decisions. By being aware of all fees and costs associated with gold and silver investments, customers can make secure, intelligent investments that take into account all aspects of buying and selling physical metal through Noble Gold’s services.

Types of Accounts

Noble Gold offers a variety of accounts to help customers diversify their investments. The types of accounts include IRA accounts, Solo 401(k) accounts, and precious metals accounts. Each account comes with its own range of fees and benefits, and the selection of an account can depend on the customer’s investment goals.

This section will cover the details of the accounts and their associated fees:

IRA Accounts

IRA accounts are retirement savings accounts. Noble Gold offers two IRA options—a Self-Directed IRA and a Precious Metals IRA. Our Self-Directed IRAs give you the ability to purchase any investment that is offered by the Internal Revenue Service, including gold, silver and other precious metals.

With our Precious Metals IRA, you can purchase gold coins, silver bullion or other approved platinum or palladium metals from the government’s list of authorized dealers or from Noble Gold.

For customers looking to open a new Self-Directed IRA account, Noble Gold charges a one-time setup fee that includes our routine administration fees for opening an account along with costs for custodian setup and storage at an IRS approved depository. There is also an annual fee that covers storage and insurance for your investments along with other operational costs and standard maintenance of your account.

Precious Metals IRAs are also subject to quarterly fees charged on all stored metals in the form of management charges or storage fee protection plans offered by physical depository companies that hold your tokens on their premises (if applicable). Please review our documents page for more information about the fees associated with each type of account offered by Noble Gold.

Noble Gold fees - expensive, high-quality, pure, valuable, shining, lustrous, radiant, glowing, illustrious, estimable, honorable, revered, august, sublime, majestic, grand, statelyNon-IRA Accounts

Noble Gold offers non-IRA accounts with no minimum initial deposit requirements and no storage fees for the first year. You can use these to store gold, silver and other precious metals in physical form.

These accounts are a great way to store precious metals for any purpose that is not intended to be held in an IRA. Whether you plan to use your funds as a retirement savings vehicle, or just want more control over where your money goes, Noble Gold’s non-IRA option is a popular choice. Depending on the specific type of account you choose, different buying commissions, shipping and insurance fees may apply.

Here you will find information about the three main types of non-IRA accounts offered by Noble Gold:

  • Personal Account: Offers individuals the ability to purchase and own their own physical gold and silver; metallic ownership is outside of custodial control with no third parties involved. Special terms may apply for large deposits or purchases.
  • Business Account: Allows businesses and organizations to invest in precious metals on behalf of their employees or clients without having to open an IRA account. Special purchasing commissions may apply for large purchases or deposits; discounts on multiple purchases available as well.
  • Trust Accounts: Permits trusts or accounts held jointly between multiple individuals to hold physical gold and silver without the need for opening an IRA account; discounts available for multiple purchases; special terms may apply for large deposits or purchases.

Payment Options

When it comes to Noble Gold fees, you can make payments to Noble Gold with cash, wire, check, or credit cards. You can also pay the fees with personal checks or bank-issued checks, as well as with ETF investments or money orders. Fees will vary based on your payment method, but Noble Gold does have some of the lowest prices in the gold industry.

In this article, we will go over all the payment options available for Noble Gold fees:

  • Cash
  • Wire
  • Check
  • Credit Cards
  • Personal Checks
  • Bank-Issued Checks
  • ETF Investments
  • Money Orders

ACH/Wire Transfer

At Noble Gold, we accept payment for purchases by ACH/Wire Transfer. ACH/Wire Transfers are the most popular form of payment for precious metals and come with some advantages.

  • Free or discounted fees – Banks and select online payment services provide a flat fee per transaction or minimal commission percentages on transfers making it a good choice if you’re looking to make large payments.
  • Instantaneous posting – Transfer payments tend to post instantaneously as long as both parties have set up their banking accounts correctly, often within a single business day – providing customers with an excellent window of time in which to ensure successful completion of the transaction.
  • Secure payments – Transfer payments can serve as very secure options when constructing your payment plan since they typically involve banking protocol that create layers of security that mitigate fraud and bad actors.

Check/Money Order

A check or money order is a simple, traditional form of payment. It allows the customer to pay for goods or services with a physical item instead of using an electronic form of payment. Checks and money orders are used to make payments at most businesses, both online and in-store.

When paying with a check or money order, it is important that the customer fill out the check or money order correctly in order to ensure that it is valid and accepted. Customers should pay close attention to the information they provide when filling out the payment documents, including their name and account information. When filling out a check, customers should make sure there are enough funds in their account to cover the total amount due on the check – otherwise it could be returned for insufficient funds. With money orders, customers should keep track of the receipt until they receive confirmation from their vendor or retailer that their payment was received and processed successfully.

Check/money order payments for online purchases can take several days for processing and completion – sometimes as long as 10 working days – as compared to almost instant processing time with credit cards or e-wallets like PayPal. It is also important to note that checks/money orders will require additional verification over other forms of payment, such as providing identification documents when sending by mail.

Credit/Debit Card

Noble Gold allows customers to easily purchase products with credit/debit cards. The company accepts Visa, Mastercard and Discover. Credit/debit card fees are applied on the way in based on the type of product ordered:

  • Gold and silver bullion orders over $2,000 do not incur any card fee.
  • All other gold and silver bullion orders have a 4% card fee applied.
  • Any numismatics orders automatically have a 6% card fee added to their invoice.
  • Generic rounds have no additional charge.

In addition, Noble Gold also accepts bank wires and ACH transfers (both at no additional charge) as well as personal checks in the USPS mail (where amounts of $2,000 or less will step into 3% check processing).

Additional Fees

One of the most important aspects of investing in precious metals is understanding the fees associated with the transactions. Noble Gold is one of the leading companies offering gold and other precious metals. We’ll take a look at the various fees that are associated with investing in Noble Gold and how they compare to other precious metal dealers.

Storage Fees

Noble Gold offers gold and other precious metal storage services to eligible investors. Storing with Noble Gold has several advantages including low cost, one of the most secure vaults available, and multiple convenient ways to had access to your stored items.

Storage Fees are charged on a yearly basis and cover the actual costs associated with safely storing your physical metals in a state-of-the-art secure storage facility. The annual fee is an important reminder that storing physical metals is not free, so it’s important to weigh the benefits of having access to ready capital against the expense of storage when making buying decisions.

The simple breakdown below illustrates our storage fees for gold and silver:

  • Gold Storage: 1% per year applied after the first-year free storage period
  • Silver Storage: 0.7% per year applied after the first-year free storage period

Fees are billed at 5/31 of each year and must be paid within 7 days from that date or access to stored items may be blocked until such time as payment has been cleared, via an approved payment option or otherwise.

Additional fees may also apply depending on whether you choose delivery, transfer or other special services related to your holdings at Noble Gold’s secure vaulting facilities or other locations around the globe. Please contact Noble Gold if you have any questions about applicable fees before accessing any account assets or requesting special services.

Shipping Fees

Noble Gold offers a range of shipping fees dependent on location and preferred delivery speed. When customers are making an order, they will have the option to choose whether the order is for shipping within the United States, or if it is to be shipped internationally. After selecting the delivery region, customers will be able to choose from standard, express, and next-day delivery options.

Shipping fees for delivery in the United States are as follows:

  • Standard – $17 per package
  • Express – $25 per package
  • Next-Day – $45 per package

International shipping fees differ based on destination country and range from $50-$100 USD per package. Customers are responsible for any taxes or duties imposed on their shipments by the receiving country. Noble Gold also requires that all orders over 500 oz of product will pay extra insurance added on to normal shipping fees.

Administrative Fees

Administrative fees refer to charges related to creating and maintaining your account with Noble Gold. These include the cost of setting up your account, annual administrative maintenance, and closing costs if you decide to liquidate or transfer your holdings before the maturity date.

Opening Fees: To initiate a new gold IRA account, you’ll be responsible for a one-time set-up fee of $250. At this time we also require a minimum initial deposit (trustee fees) of $10,000.

Maintenance Fees: As long as you maintain a self-directed Noble Gold IRA, you will be charged an annual administration fee of $225 per year per IRA to cover the cost associated with managing and maintaining your account. This fee is billed each year following the establishment date of your account and can be made in four convenient payments over twelve months if required.

Closing Fees: If you choose to close or transfer your Gold IRA before its maturity date there will be an early exit fee assessed at the time of closure or transfer. For all Noble Gold IRAs we charge an early exit fee of $350 per month per affected IRA until the full amount owing is settled in full with the depository trust company used by Noble Gold.

Fees for Additional Services

Noble Gold allows you to invest in precious metals with the help of an expert financial advisor. Depending on the investment amount you choose and the additional services you would like to have, there might be certain applicable fees.

Let’s explore Noble Gold’s fees for additional services:

Precious Metals IRA Rollover

Noble Gold offers an effective and efficient approach to setting up a Precious Metals IRA Rollover. Our veteran team of useful resources will assist you in the entire process, though in some cases there may be additional fees for additional services that are outlined below.

  • Custodian Fee: Noble Gold does not charge a custodian fee. This is one of the few companies in this space that do not charge this fee.
  • Account Setup Fee: There are no additional fees to set up an account with Noble Gold.
  • Annual Maintenance Fee: There is no annual maintenance fee when you keep your funds held with Noble Gold beyond the first year.
  • Storage Fees: There are no additional storage fees when you opt to store your investments at included depository partners such as Sunshine Minting or Brinks Global for gold, silver, and other metals.
  • Selling Fees: When selling precious metals through Noble Gold’s online platform, you’ll pay a flat fee depending on whether you’re selling gold, silver, platinum or palladium coins or bars. Additional costs may apply if selling collectables such as rare coins and rounds that require expert authentication prior to sale completion. The rate will depend on the market rate of each metal at the time of sale execution plus any applicable shipping costs.

Precious Metals IRA Transfer

Precious Metals IRA transfers are a great way for investors to diversify their portfolios and add an extra layer of protection for their retirement savings. When transferring funds into a gold or silver IRA account, it is important to understand the associated fees. Noble Gold Investments offers competitive pricing on its precious metal transfer services; however, there can be additional costs depending on the type of transfer requested. Below is a breakdown of these fees:

  • Transfer from an existing Precious Metals IRA – Free
  • Transfer from an existing IRA or 401(k) – $395
  • Transfer from other qualified retirement plans – Custom Quote Required
  • Rollovers to Precious Metals accounts – $195
  • Additions to existing Precious Metals IRAs – $95
  • Manager Assisted transactions – Financial Specialist will quote current fee upon request

It is important to note that in some cases, custodian processing fees may also apply. These fees vary depending on the custodian and may include warehouse list costs, shipping and handling costs as well as verification of purchase charges. All quotes from Noble Gold Investments are given before any transaction is made, so you can make an informed decision regarding your investments without fear of hidden costs or surprises down the line.

Precious Metals IRA Conversion

Precious Metals IRA conversion is an important service offered by Noble Gold. Converting a Traditional IRA into one that invests in gold, silver and other precious metals can provide a safe, secure way to diversify your retirement portfolio. Converting to an IRA can come with some complexity, however, and Noble Gold offers customers interested in this service additional assistance through personalized consultations.

The fee for this extra service is $350. This includes the time necessary for our experienced staff to walk you through the entire process from setup to purchase and storage as well as helping you decide on exactly which types of gold and other investments are best for helping you reach your retirement goals. Whether it’s looking into bullion or coins, Noble Gold will help make sure you get the maximum benefit from these tangible assets in your portfolio without unnecessary added risk. We also have experience in helping our customers protect their existing Traditional IRAs from losses due to inflation or market disruption.

What are the fees for buying gold from Noble Gold?

The fees for buying gold from Noble Gold vary depending on the type of gold you are purchasing, the amount of gold you are buying, and the payment method you are using. If you are buying physical gold, the fees are based on the spot price of gold plus a premium. The premium is a percentage of the spot price and is based on the size of the order.

What are the fees for storing gold with Noble Gold?

The fees for storing gold with Noble Gold depend on the type of storage you choose and the amount of gold you are storing. For domestic storage, Noble Gold offers a flat fee of $150 per year for up to 5 ounces of gold, and $2.50 per ounce per year for any additional ounces. This fee covers storage, insurance, and shipping.

What are the fees for selling gold to Noble Gold?

The fees for selling gold to Noble Gold depend on the type of gold being sold and the amount of gold being sold. For gold coins, Noble Gold charges a flat fee of $35 per coin. This fee covers the cost of shipping, handling, and insurance for the coins. For gold bars, Noble Gold charges a flat fee of $50 per bar. This fee covers the cost of shipping, handling, and insurance for the bars.