High-Net Worth Individuals Struggle to Save for Retirement

The economic reality of retirement has become a growing concern for high-net-worth individuals, according to a new survey from Natixis Investment Managers. 58% of those surveyed said they expect to have to work longer than planned, and 36% worry that retirement may not even be an option.[0]

The survey found that the median reported for retirement savings amongst high-net-worth individuals was $625,000 and the average retirement savings rate was 19.4%.[1] This is about 150% and 2.8% higher than the total group of investors surveyed, respectively.[1] However, this still falls short of the amount needed to retire comfortably, which was found to be $1.25 million in a separate survey by Northwestern Mutual – a 20% jump from the $1.05 million respondents cited a year earlier.[2]

35% of millionaires surveyed by Natixis said their ability to be financially secure in retirement is “going to take a miracle.”[0] With rising healthcare and long-term care costs, combined with the highest inflation in decades, the ability to save and retire securely is becoming increasingly difficult.[3] This survey suggests that even the rich are having to adjust their expectations and plans for retirement.

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