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Demystifying ADHD: A Look at How Professionals and Educators are Working to Bring Understanding to the Condition

Texas psychiatrist Dawn Brown is helping to demystify Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) by providing both parents and children with the tools they need to understand and manage the neurological disorder. Brown was diagnosed with ADHD at the age of 31 and her treatment plan includes a mix of medication and behavioral management, also known as ADHD coaching, which teaches kids time management and other skills.

Brown is a strong advocate for understanding that ADHD is a predominantly genetic disorder and is often under-diagnosed due to lack of understanding surrounding the condition. “It’s an absolute myth that ADHD develops from ‘bad’ parenting,” says Brown.[0] “ADHD is the most studied medical condition but also the most misunderstood.”

In order to create a positive learning environment for children with ADHD, teachers such as Slater from Uplift White Rock Hills Preparatory School are bringing an open mind and a lot of patience to their classrooms.[0] Similarly, artist and illustrator Jinks, who has no formal training, is drawing attention to the condition by spending two hours on each bag he creates, featuring rap stars, NBA legends, and cultural figures such as George Floyd and Breonna Taylor.

ADHD is a complex and varied condition, but with the help of professionals like Dawn Brown and educators like Slater, it can be demystified and managed in a way that benefits those living with it.

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